Attorneysatlaw app - Remote Local Services


A little bit about us

Back in 2009 we invented Seattle Clouds. A platform that enabled hundred of thousands of people build and launch their mobile applications on over 200 Million devices worldwide. This is 10% of all smartphone devices in the world. Today, our reliable and robust technologies are the foundation for a new platform - ATTORNEYSATLAW.COM

Attorneysatlaw app enables small business owners and service professionals to acquire customers, be easily discovered by local customers, get paid offering remote services and consultations, promote their services and special events. Attorneysatlaw app matches local customers with local service professionals. The app allows customers to open tasks / help request and receive quotes from local businesses and service providers. In addition the app helps with booking, waiting lists, checking in, invoicing, pre-paiment and payment processing using Stripe. The app is available in Apple and Google Store.

Our mission

Help small business owners

convert their Small Business into a Smart Business

Think Different